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Your Leader in CCTV Design

Founded in 1997, RTS Security has become a leader in CCTV Design, Product, Installation of High Definition, High Megapixel network-based video camera systems.

Positioned as a North American leader in technology and resourceful solutions both involved with software and hardware technology to their client partners.

Customizable end-to-end, sales, design, installation and service keep our revenue stream and cash flow consistent.

The industry forecast is aimed high to grow to 36B by 2025 as the security and surveillance markets are expanding rapidly.

RTS is a vendor partner to the enterprise and mid-market channels such as national retailers, banks, and industrial and commercial sites. The camera CCTV market is so highly fragmented, that no players hold more that 8% of the market share.

This fragmentation would allow the new company to quickly enter into new market share and create a window of opportunity for further expansion as the company will continue to assert its dominance with its technology and product offerings.

As a result, RTS leadership is truly a stalwart in the security industry. Given our end-to-end solutions and the large network of a controlled chain of clients and vendors the surveillance and monitoring products gives new opportunity and constant recurring revenue streams.


  • A Name, that’s Recognized and Trusted

  • Work Remotely anywhere in the North America

  • Proven Growth for 25 Years

  • National Service Calls & Support

  • One Touch Super Technology

  • National Wide Technicians working as Sub Trades, No employees.

  • Enterprise and Mid Market Channels only: Traditionally we Mange Clients with between 20-900 Locations .

  • RTS Technology Reports Instant

  • Illegal activity

  • External Theft Reports

  • Employee or Associate Internal Theft Reports

  • Associates Performance , Procedures and Guidelines Reporting

  • Fraudulent Liability Claims

  • Law Enforcement Support.

  • Aggressive attacks

  • New Opportunities and Benefits

One key to success is that the one monitoring technician can mange up to 200 camera, as well as setting up CAI (Camera Artificial Intelligence ) critical or abnormal alerts . In addition, the surveillance and monitoring market will create monthly revenue that is strait forward and comprehendible to managements ROI Loss Prevention or Asset Management Directors are looking for their onsite investigators to review playback anywhere any time.

CFOs are very aware of their capital non disclosed expenditures such as: Shrink, Loss, Damages and Liability,
Powered by our surveillance the This business is people, safety and results. Anyone can acquire a camera product line Vendor Very few can successfully draw in National Clients with large formats. Quote, Approve, On time Install, Training and Support
Our Vendors RTS works with a selected few vendors that can deliver volume pricing and support that we share with our clients to preserve our loyalty and commitment. We pride ourselves with a unique Transparency between our Vendors and Clients We Carefully Earn our Sales For Example: Verkada a large USA based start up offering 4 security cameras NOT installed at $6400 with a Cloud Based Format. Monthly licensing fees and shipping are extra .Now let’s compare RTS Security, Same Cloud Based Solution, 8 Cameras, INSTALLED, NO Licensing, $6800.00

Generally Our Sales are generated come from Clients Adding New locations , Moving Locations , Service Calls and in the future Monitoring .
We have experienced technicians on the ground coast to coast in Canada Elsewhere Florida, New York State, California, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania and Missouri. Conclusion During the heat of rapidly expanding Security and Surveillance Industry, RTS Security must be prepared to adapt in order to maintain relevance and long term-term sustainability for its client program.
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